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  • The Role of Creative in the Ad Auction

    Advertising on Facebook happens through an auction process to determine which ad should be displayed to each user. Learn how this auction works and the role creative plays in ad delivery.

    • Path
    • Duration 20m
    • Rating 4.9
    • Intermediate
    • Award
  • Connect and Engage With Your Audience Using Facebook Live

    Facebook Live lets you broadcast to the world in real time from your mobile devices. Use this lesson to: Learn what types of content you can share on Live. Start your own broadcast, whether it's through your Facebook mobile app or...

    • Duration 15m
    • Rating 4.7
    • Beginner
    • Award
  • Earn Money With Your Page Content

    This course helps creators monetize their content on Facebook. Learn how to: Manage your monetized content with Creator Studio. Earn money with in-stream ads in your videos. Earn money with fan subscriptions. Earn money with your brand.

    • Path
    • Duration 24m
    • Rating 4.9
    • Beginner
    • Award
  • Earn Money With Your Brand

    This lesson guides you through how to earn money from your Page through branded content.

    • Duration 5m
    • Rating 4.5
    • Beginner
  • Earn Money With Your Videos

    This lesson teaches content creators how to start using ad breaks to earn money from their videos.

    • Duration 7m
    • Rating 4.8
    • Beginner
  • Introduction to Content Monetization

    This lesson introduces you to what you need to know to monetize your content across the Facebook family of apps and services.

    • Duration 5m
    • Rating 4.6
    • Beginner