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  • In-Stream Reserve: Diversify your Video Investment with Facebook

    This interactive workshop is for TV and online video media buyers and planners who want to learn more about In-Stream Reserve. You'll learn how In-Stream Reserve helps brands diversify their video investment in ways that complement their TV and online video...

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  • Advertising Policies

    Learn how to distinguish between restricted and prohibited content on Facebook platforms. This training will give you the tools needed to recognize the common reasons why ads are not approved and identify your options when this happens. To sum...

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  • Power your Advertising with Dynamic Ads

    Learn what dynamic ads are and how they can help you achieve business goals. Explore different creative formats to deliver relevant, personalized ads to your audience. Additionally, you'll learn best practices in setting up your dynamic ads campaign in...

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  • Commerce Messaging for Businesses

    Conversational commerce is about connecting with people through chat by building effective conversational commerce campaigns and establishing a strong commerce presence on Facebook messaging platforms. This virtual training provides you with an overview of how to build a powerful...

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  • Liquidity Tools Overview: Machine Learning in Advertising

    It’s no secret that today’s advertising landscape contains a myriad of ever-changing data points for media teams to consider. Machine learning can help alleviate this time consuming calculus and allow every dollar to flow to the most valuable impression, a...

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  • Facebook’s Business Tools for Offline Conversions

    Learn about Facebook’s business tools for offline conversions. Specifically, you’ll learn how to bridge the measurement gap between your online and offline conversions, how to build offline audiences and creative best practices in using the Store Traffic Objective. Don't see...

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  • Building Your Brand Video Strategy

    Discover how mobile is shaping the video landscape across the Facebook family of apps and services. Learn creative best practices for building video for feed, stories and in-stream placements. Explore video ads buying and measurement best practices to help you...

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  • Creative Considerations for Stories Ads

    Learn how mobile is shifting the way people experience video and the creative opportunity on Stories. You’ll learn creative strategies we’re seeing drive impact on Stories and analyze real world success stories. Don't see any events here? Be sure to...

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  • Messenger: Connect and Communicate with Customers

    Businesses are seeing the value in connecting privately with customers via Messenger. In this Spotlight session, learn more about how you can use our different Messenger solutions in your advertising strategy to start or renew conversations with your customers. Don't...

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  • Understanding and Implementing the Facebook Pixel

    Learn how implementing the Facebook pixel can help you measure and drive business outcomes. In this session you’ll be using a real website to practice implementing the pixel without the help of a developer. Additionally, you’ll be implementing standard...

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  • Branded Content for Advertisers

    Learn the fundamentals of branded content for advertisers and why it’s important to marketing strategies. We’ll also cover how to find and build partnerships, Facebook branded content tools and policies and how to measure the impact of Branded Content...

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  • Catalog on Facebook

    Facebook has created the catalog tool to continue to provide solutions that help businesses sell products online. Catalogs can help businesses create meaningful connections between their customers and their product inventory. It helps businesses to find high intent shoppers who...

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  • Keeping Businesses and People Safe on Facebook

    Facebook strives to create a safe and welcoming community for the almost 3 billion people who use its platform around the world. This session will equip you to talk confidently with your clients by describing how Facebook addresses brand safety...

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  • Succeed with Facebook During Mega Sale Events

    Every year, shoppers take advantage of mega sales events and other events across the globe. As part of our commitment to help managed clients and agencies maximize the benefit of our apps and services. This course is designed to advise...

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  • Insights from Facebook

    As you navigate our data-driven world, a thorough understanding of customer preferences can help you streamline your marketing plan.In this course, you’ll learn about various available tools and resources that can lead you to relevant insights on consumer activity...

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  • Stronger Connections with Conversions API

    In this course, you'll learn about the evolution of ads, how businesses can adjust to the evolution of ads, create more reliable connections with Conversions API and decide what information to share. Don't see any events here? Be sure...

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  • Integrate Instagram into your Marketing Plan

    In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the benefits of adding Instagram to your marketing strategy and address some common misconceptions businesses may have about Instagram. We also explore the different Instagram Business tools you can use at different points in...

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  • Measurement and Analysis on Facebook

    One of the main strengths of online advertising is the ability to measure user interactions. In this course, you learn how Facebook centers its measurement and reporting around people and how you can focus on the metrics that align...

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