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  • Facebook’s Business Tools for Offline Conversions

    Learn about Facebook’s business tools for offline conversions. Specifically, you’ll learn how to bridge the measurement gap between your online and offline conversions, how to build offline audiences and creative best practices in using the Store Traffic Objective. Click below...

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  • Understanding and Implementing Pixel, SDK and Offline Conversions Tools

    Learn how to power your marketing efforts with the Facebook pixel, SDK and business tools for offline conversions. This session includes the step-by-step implementation process, hands-on system practice and group activities to help you achieve your marketing objectives and drive...

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  • Understanding and Implementing the Facebook Pixel

    Learn how implementing the Facebook pixel can help you measure and drive business outcomes. In this session you’ll be using a real website to practice implementing the pixel without the help of a developer. Additionally, you’ll be implementing standard...

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  • Understanding and Implementing the Facebook SDK

    Learn about SDK and its implementation process. Get hands-on experience using a practice exercise and environment. Additionally, you’ll learn the basics and best practices in implementing Standard Events and Parameters. Click below to view the session descriptions and to...

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