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  • Generate high-quality leads with Meta technologies

    This course explores how you can achieve, and optimize for, quality leads using lead generation solutions across Meta technologies. Don't see any events here? Be sure to log into Blueprint to access a variety of events scheduled.To log in, head...

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  • Upgrade your advertising with Advantage+ catalog ads

    Learn what Advantage+ catalog ads are and how they can help you achieve your business goals. Explore different creative formats to deliver relevant, personalized ads to your audience. Additionally, you'll learn best practices in setting up your Advantage+ catalog ads...

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  • Shorten the Path from Discovery to Purchase

    In this day and age, consumers expect to get exactly what they want,​ exactly when they want it.​ To meet this expectation, brands need to build full funnel experiences that anticipate people’s needs. In this training, you’ll learn how...

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  • Liquidity Tools Overview

    It’s no secret that today’s advertising landscape contains a myriad of ever-changing data points for media teams to consider. Machine learning can help alleviate this time-consuming calculus and allow every dollar to flow to the most valuable impression, a condition...

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  • Cross-Border Business

    This interactive workshop will teach you a three-step framework for cross-border expansion. You’ll learn which solutions you can use to explore the potential of different markets, reach new customers, localize your marketing at scale and optimize your campaign structure. Don't...

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  • Grow your audience with Advantage+ app campaigns

    This course explores Advantage+ app campaigns and how these campaigns can help grow mobile app audiences. You’ll also discover how to implement Advantage+ app campaigns and discover strategies to help campaigns succeed. Don't see any events here? Be sure to...

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