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  • Brie Carere, FedEx

    Brie Carere is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for FedEx Corp. In her role, Carere oversees the company’s global marketing and communications, including advertising, brand and reputation, product and business development, innovation, e-commerce, retail marketing,...

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  • LaMecia Butler, Facebook

    LaMecia Butler is a Program Manager for Facebook Global Supplier Diversity whose mission is to help diverse-owned businesses do business with Facebook and with the people and communities it connects. She manages the team’s global supplier community efforts in addition...

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  • Creating Live Marketing Moments

    Get recommendations on how to harness the power of our Live tool, including ideas for what to go live about and tips for how to build excitement before, during, and after your Live marketing moments.

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  • Edlynne Laryea, Facebook

    A passionate advocate of new technology, Edlynne Laryea has spent the majority of her career using emerging tech to help organizations transform how they connect with the consumers of today.  She is an expert in helping companies adapt to new...

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  • Paying It Forward with Carolyn Everson

    In this session, we’ll hear about the importance of giving back and learn about businesses that have found ways to support their communities in times of crisis.

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  • Tiffany Davey, High Season Co.

    Anna Glass has been involved in the performing arts as both an artist and arts administrator for over twenty-five years. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Dance Theatre of Harlem where she co-launched, with Artistic Director Virginia...

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  • Connecting With Customers Through WhatsApp

    Businesses all over the world are usingWhatsApp to get results. Discover how WhatsApp can grow your business with features that help you acquire customers, enable transactions, drive awareness, and build customer relationships.

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  • Rich Rao, Facebook

    Rich Rao leads the Small Business Group for Facebook. Prior to Facebook, Rich spent a decade helping businesses drive innovation by adopting and leveraging cloud computing technologies at Google.

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  • Mark D'Arcy, Facebook

    Mark D'Arcy is the Vice President of Global Business Marketing and Chief Creative Officer at Facebook. In his role as Vice President of Global Business Marketing, Mark leads the vision and strategy for a global team of marketers that create...

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  • Gene Alston, Facebook

    Gene is responsible for the global business and operations teams for Facebook's Commerce initiatives. Gene joined Facebook in 2017 to lead the GMS Partnerships team and prior to that he spent his career in roles spanning payments, commerce and digital...

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  • Monique Nelson, UWG

    Monique L Nelson is chair and chief executive officer of UWG, the country's longest-standing multicultural marketing agency. She took the helm of the agency in May 2012, when founder and advertising pioneer Byron Lewis retired.

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  • Gabby and Rozalynn Goodwin, Confidence

    Thirteen-year-old Gabby is the CEO of Confidence. She and her mom Rozalynn invented GaBBY Bows, the first and patented Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette to save families time, money and frustration. Solving the age-old problem of disappearing hair barrettes, GaBBY Bows are...

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  • David Fischer, Facebook

    David Fischer is the Chief Revenue Officer at Facebook. He is responsible for Facebook's advertising business and manages the Sales and Marketing teams worldwide.    Prior to joining Facebook in 2010, David was Vice President of Global Online Sales and...

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  • Unsung Heroes: Ballet After Dark

    Often positive change happens because of the extraordinary effort of ordinary people. Here we celebrate the stories of visionary individuals who dared to move the world to a better place.

    • How to Make Change: Advocacy in Time of Crisis

      At the federal, state and local level, policymakers are making choices that will impact every business owner. From loan and grant programs to government contracts to tax credits, never before has making your voice heard been more important. Join this...

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    • Leanne Purkis, Magic Arts Studio

      Leanne Purkis is an artist and teacher who has been teaching crafts to her local community since she was a teen. For 15 years, she’s brought the joy of creation to her local Bucks County, Pennsylvania through Magic Arts Studio....

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